Hi guys, we’ve had a really incredible past couple of months what with relocating to the States and all the releases by amazing artists that we’ve worked to put out, so we’ve decided it’s time to give back in the form of a contest!

Our early Christmas present to you; a bundle of recent Orchid Tapes releases and a National Panasonic RS-260US top-loading tape player / recorder from 1973 that can be used with or without a stereo receiver (more info here). I’ve had a personal obsession with this style of tape machine for the past little while and I’m super excited to get one of them out to you guys.

To enter, all you need to do is:

• Reblog this post + follow us
• E-mail us your idea of a perfect 8 song mixtape, with an explanation behind what each song means to you. The mixes can be either one long pre-mixed mp3 or a zip of individual tracks. Be sure to include your mailing address so we can send each entry some Orchid Tapes stickers once the contest is over. Our e-mail address is orchidtapes@gmail.com 

Contest closes on December 12th where we’ll pick our favourite mixtape of the bunch and share it on our site. Contest open to the world. Much love + best of luck. xoxo

(via brian-vu)