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Spazzkid never fails to impress. This is his cover of Daft Punk’s classic Something About Us.




Seafood scallion pancake seems to be everyone’s favorite appetizer when I bring my friends to Korean restaurants. It’s easy to share and c’mon, who doesn’t like fried pancakes? This pancake batter can be used to make variety of other “Jeon” (Korean word for pancake), including kimchi pancake, chive pancake, fish pancake, squash pancake which I’m going to show you how to make in the near future. By the way, flipping a big pancake can be hard not to mess up first time. So don’t be disappointed if it breaks apart when you flip them, it’s still going to taste good! And you can always divide the batter and make couple of smaller pancakes for easier flipping too.

Im gonna make this for lunch later



It might not be the right time, I might not be the right one”
Been sitting on this for a while now, today felt right to release it. I hope y’all enjoy this little cover of my favorite Daft Punk song. FREE DOWNLOAD! Love you all <3


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