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Dropping on my next dj set :3


Dear guys, there’s a fine line between an Asian fetish and racism

Dating as an adult is challenging enough, but the process can seem like an almost impossible task if you’re a woman of color, forced to combat racism in the process.

It’s a battle known all to well to Asian American women like Anna Akana, the creator of a biting new satire based on her own attempts to find love in a dating pool otherwise filled with what’s often referred to jokingly as “yellow fever.” Quoting some of the most off-beat, clueless stereotyping and fetishization that she and other Asian women have experienced on a routine basis, Akana uses humor to drive a clear point home to those not in the know: Tokenizing Asian women is absolutely not OK.

When you might just be a “racist asshole”  | Follow micdotcom


jonnytwoshoes said: Hey man I just got to listen to your cassette for the first time in my car and it sounds soo good thanks again!!

really happy you like it! <3



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Another #tbt from the spazzkid chiptune era. I cringe less to this song, i actually like the build on this one <3

"Let’s eat some 2000 calories worth of food, then cuddle."

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#tbt spazzkid chiptune era

#tbt spazzkid pamyu pamyu

#tbt spazzkid pamyu pamyu

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